The Case of the Butcher, the Bank Robber, and the Blonde


Marc Hirsch’s latest book, The Case of The Butcher the Bank Robber, and the Blonde, is a good noir mystery. This crime fiction novel sets the scenes and engages readers instantly. Hooking me from the beginning, the characters are vast and vivid. They pop to life. I feel entertained with the woman who fights the bad guys. Sympathy for the wife who died giving birth to her son only for her family to be broken. The husband is mourning the loss of his wife, and he knows he has been awful as a father. His son is obese and being bullied. I can feel the atmosphere building up into an intense storm.

Marc Hirsch brings the life of New York City to his readers. This novel is an epic emotional rollercoaster ride. I root for the characters that I have come to love and know. What I really love is how easy is it is to be transported into his book and forget where I really am. The mystery and mayhem build up with each page. Marc Hirsch writes well. Once I started reading, I did not stop until I finished it. Captivating, fun, and intriguing Marc Hirsch’s latest novel is a must read for all.


Alice White Investigator Four eBook Box Set


In Praise Of Marc Hirsch
Alice White is anachronistic and yet entirely believable. Either Marc
Hirsch knew a woman like her or he has been able to conjure one of
the most compelling, clever, and captivating post war female leads
out of the ether.”

In fact all of Hirsch’s characters are richly inspired and have a
depth that makes the dialogue realistic and timeless. 

The reader is treated to a sensorial delight exploring the sights,
sounds, smells of mid -century New York. 

Download the box set today. It’s the most affordable time machine you’ll
ever encounter."


Winston C. (Michigan)

Alice White Investigator Series


I don't want this series to end!

Reviewed in the United States on August 5, 2022

Alice white has character with enough faults to make her human. Her interaction with her friends and family and their loyalty to her is heartwarming. I found this series very enjoyable and would highly recommend it.


Hard Case


Fast-moving and suspenseful.

Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2015

An excellent piece of crime fiction. Alice White is my hero!! This book is a real page turner. Hard to put down once you started. Good plot full of twists and turns. Looking forward to the next one!


Hard Case


A must read!

Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2015

Marc Hirsch has done it again. The action picked up, and so much for my intention of pacing slowly! Love this book and think Alice White is a great heroine. I would love to see this series continued.

I was sad about one of the characters, and was hoping to find out he was okay in the end. But it ended so much better than I thought it would. I enjoyed the connection with a chess game, that was pretty clever. I'm already looking forward to Marc's next book!!

Danielle Urban

The Con Case


Strong female protagonist ...

The Con Case by Marc Hirsch is another superb adventure. Mystery, law, and suspense are displayed here. Alice White is a young woman juggling her academics and career like any other normal human being. But what makes her stand out is the way she solves crime. She is always fighting crime with determination, strength, and intellect. It was hard not to love her. Alice just has an alluring personality that brought me into her story. Marc Hirsch captivated me with his words. I was instantly lost as I followed Alice through another law/criminal case. Danger and threats are sure to follow wherever Alice goes. I recommend this mystery read to all.

Danielle Urban

The Case of the Butcher, the Bank Robber, and the Blonde


A great mystery set in the Bronx in the 50s!

Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2022

I read this cozy mystery in an afternoon and evening-373 delicious pages! Mr. Hirsch used his words to paint a picture of life in the various communities in the Bronx, as well as the people within. My mind's eye can see the lady in her fuzzy pink bathrobe and slippers and big curlers. Bits of history help the reader relate to the '50's era. Alice White was her same irrepressible self! Kay white (and no, I'm not related to Alice-:)!

Kay White

The Con Case


Accurate and fun!

Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2023

These books are great. As an investigator myself I can say that they are highly accurate! I didn't want to put them down and highly recommend the audiobook format to listen at will.

Starseed Metaphysical Shop

Alice White Investigator Audiobooks series

"A Must Read! Marc Hirsch has done it again. His second novel, Hard Case, once again features Alice White. Alice White is a tough as nails protagonist, that will capture readers' attention quickly. Her work ethic and attitude make this story enjoyable as well as the characters she helps out and meets along the way. A modern woman who goes all out"

"Fast moving & suspenseful An excellent piece of crime fiction. Alice White is my hero!! This book is a real page turner. Hard to put down once you start it. Good plot full of twists & turns. Looking forward to the next one!"


Author Marc Hirsch began writing his first book of historical detective fiction, The Case, set in 1950s NYC, before retiring from medical practice in 2011. That book became the start of The Alice White Investigator series. His excitement about detective fiction came from reading Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, and Erle Stanley Gardner.